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About Concept Contractors

Owner: Alex Collins

Having had a passion for farming all my life I am never happier than when working in a field in a tractor. This has lead me to set up a hay and haylage business on my 106 acre farm at Lewdown and since 2010 I have been supplying bales to a growing list of regular customers. I am always aiming to grow the best crop of grass possible giving attention to detail to maintain the best outcome of hay and haylage for my customers.

Hay and haylage – Concept Contractors

Hay and haylage made on my farm at Lewdown is grown and harvested with the needs of your horse in mind. Care is given to keep the pastures free from docks and weeds and regular grass re-seeding is carried out.

Square Hay Bales in a field in Lewdown

Grass Types

Perennial rye-grass provides a high energy haylage from the sugars in the stems.
Meadow grass has lower energy and therefore ideal for horses doing less work or requiring dust free fodder.

Wrapped Hay

Large bale wrapped hay is very popular with customers. Wrapping takes place immediately after baling and keeps the crop fresh giving little or no dust.

Grass Health

To keep the grasses healthy an application of lime, sulphur, magnesium, sodium together with a full range of trace elements is applied anually in the spring. The benefits of these trace elements are passed on to your horse.

Available are:

Large and small haylage bales
Large square bale and conventional bale hay
Large square bale and conventional bale straw

Ring Alex on: 01566 783283 or 07530 254731 to place an order or for more details.


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